13 comments on “beyond this hick town, Barnaby, there’s a slick town, Barnaby

  1. Crispy writes:

    A great review of a great film! I loved the film and will see it again soon. The first 30 minutes of the movie where unbelievable.

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  2. Anonymous writes:

    Though several scenes involving the captain were cringe-worthy, I think it's worth a solid 7.5/10, if not more – my second viewing will probably result in a higher score.

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  3. Patrick writes:

    nice review, I didn't pick up on that, but it makes a lot of sense. I should also point out that the critics who bitch about hypocrisy should realize that it's not completely condemning commercialism, it's just pointing out that we shouldn't let it run our lives and we should take notice of the more fulfilling things around us.

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  4. Anonymous writes:

    I agree fully with Patrick. I never thought of WALL-E as a "green" movie or anti-commercialism film but as more of a movie against ignorance, which is rising alarmingly.

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  5. Anonymous writes:

    I just want to say 'Bravo' to Pixar for somehow pulling a film off that absolutely took my breathe away at some mindblowing visuals; creating robotic characters who conveyed more emotion than most humans, using only limited facial expressions and a word or two; and driving a sobering message home. Making a statement about the beating the enviroment is taking, and our role in it, is one thing. But saying it in a way that is totally on par with people of all ages, and with such elegance and honesty, is another. Thank you, Pixar, for inspiring and not simply entertaining. Excellent work.:)

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  6. Anonymous writes:

    personally, i hated the movie.
    I thought it sucked, was uninteresting, and kinda depressing. I was very disappointed in it.

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  7. Anonymous writes:

    did anyone see the hidden symbolism that eve was? a fertilized egg? and then the captain read postive as though pregnant?

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  8. WALL-E was an excellent film and you've certainly 'reviewed' it in some depth…

    The teaser trailer for Pixar's new film 'UP' has recently been released – I've posted it on my blog. Hopefully you'll like that too!

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  9. Anonymous writes:

    I'm surfing the web to find comments on the object of my essay: Wall-E. Very interesting swing you've given to the interpretation of the symbolism in this movie. I'll add it to my movie analysis!

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  10. AnĂ³nimo writes:

    I'm looking for some information about this movie because I have to write an essay about it. we're being asked to work out the symbols and true meaning of the story, I find your review very interesting. Few people realize these kind of things, like eve's pregnancy, the way she keeps life inside her stomach and the shape of an egg or a seed like you marked. Nice one!

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