6 comments on “blinding rays of hope

  1. Anonymous writes:

    "…is like choosing between a blond and a brunette. Regardless of which one we have, we all know which one is better."


    And by the way, I realize that by quoting and commenting on the clever snippet at the end instead of some intelligent point during the article, I therefore make this reply totally worthless insofar as adding intelligence to your blog…

    All I can say is… "sorry". 😀

    By the way, I've been slowly whoring myself into myspace. I've asked Jesus to forgive me, and I think he has. Now I'm asking you if you'll forgive me.


  2. Although my secular view is that there is no need for forgiveness for mistakes every person on earth makes, do what you need to feel better but you've done nothing cardinal. Myspace has a respectable amount of demi-porn, who wouldn't whore themselves there.

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