One comment on “Divided States of Embarassment

  1. TJ writes:

    "I haven't been back to Taiwan in a long time, and it has always been my impression about Taiwan and Mainland that in some ways I loved it more than the people there did, and that lessened my love for them. I guess that only makes sense in my mind."

    I think I understand your feeling here. You have an outsider's perspective on their culture, and you've learned how to appreciate their culture. You see them worshiping western culture, though, and you don't like it so much. I guess their taking their culture for granted is part of what makes you annoyed.

    The Taiwanese folks you mention though have that same outsider's perspective on our culture, so it's understandable that they will be totally intrigued in certain aspects of our culture that they don't have. The question you might have of "How can you *not* appreciate this beautiful countryside?" would be equivalent to their question of "How can you *not* appreciate Kelly Clarkson?"

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