4 comments on “Electronics Exploitation Expo, 2006

  1. TJ writes:

    A dude at work is already complaining how Horde get recycled Night Elves and Alliance get the new Dranei.

    Anywho, I downloaded opera just a few minutes ago and this mouse gesture thing is pretty neat. I guess I'll try your damn opera for now.

  2. WheresMyRailgun writes:

    There are a couple good gesture plugins for Firefox that I use when I'm not in Opera. I'm not one to compare them since the only feature I use is the rocker. I like clicking aimlessly all over the page, and so I get unwanted actions; I shut off all the gestures.

    Anyways, you should've given me a call while you were down here, and we could've gotten some lunch. I only went on Wednesday, though. Watched Fatal1ty annihilate some guy 19 to -4 on Longest Yard.

    To me, the best things showcased were the DS games; it only pushed me further into wanting a DS Lite, which I'll probably end up getting. The 10-15 minute MGS4 trailer was the most worthy piece in the show. Unfortunately, I can't find it online, I only see the same 3 minute trailer out there that reveals too much too fast.

    Best thing in Kentia Hall…a William Riker figurine.

  3. I would have, 'cept our trip was a bore outide of E3 since we had to go church-hunting for a suitable wedding spot.

    DS is going to hit fever pitch when FFVI and Earthbound/Mother 3 come out… it's really needed some RPGs. Can't wait for a DS Lite though.

    Oh yeah TJ, if you're trying out Opera, get the latest beta, it's got Widgets. Maybe you can program one to give me world time =)

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