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  1. TJ writes:

    "It is the duty of We the People to organize those votes against the forces of gerrymandering into a keen weapon of change, not sit at home and complain about it."

    … I remember there was a time when you got mad at me for trying to get you to see the light of voting, and you told me I was being evangelical about it, at which point I got furious because I hated being compared to a born-again die hard christian.

    These days I can see why one would see me as such, as I do tend to get preachy, but that's neither here or there. I was wondering, have you actually changed your mind about voting? I still think it's important, even though I am just one voice out of a few million, or even in the local context a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on my current district of residence.

    But anyway I'm happy to hear you say this. I just hope I'm not mis-interpreting you, like I tend to do.


  2. Nope, haven't changed my stance. I've always believed in the institution of voting, but not the practice. Gerrymandering still exists, as bad as ever. Until a vote stops being a political tool, I won't participate. That would entail voting by platform, not by politician. 'Course democrats would never let that happen, since they don't have a platform. 😉

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