7 comments on ““I know only two tunes, one is ‘Yankee Doodle’ and the other isn’t.”

  1. Awesome. Didn't you later setup a big (cardboard) board in your room, to scribble on ?

    Deconstruction rules. I don't know why, ever since Matrix, I see it in green.

    Congrats on the job :up:

  2. Whoa wow, how did you know about that? Yes I did make a huge collage on a cardboard panel in tribute to Kurt Schwitter's Merzbau. This was in high school, did I know you then? That's amazing, I don't think I ever told anyone about that.

  3. wow, i'm realy excited for you, the same quote about finding a job you love is above my bed at the moment. and i can identify 100% with you're 'gradeschool years'

    this is awesome, congratulations, and keep us informed!

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