4 comments on “Memoirs of a Gaijin #2

  1. Anonymous writes:

    LOL. There are no hot chicks in Taiwan, at least compared to Japan. This is not because of exams, but because there is no sensual body in Chinese culture, no body that is aware of itself as a physical and sexual object. Chinese do not do normally engage in sports, except for the recent introduction of basketball, and most activities are passive. They do not dance — they are not physical like westerners or africans, touching each other and talking with their hands. Taiwanese boys hate girls with sexual power, and so the girls shape themselves to that ideal — they wear pink, refuse to grow muscles, and generally dress asexually, looking "cute" — infantile. Because Chinese culture is an honor-shame culture where fathers are distant and boys are raised by their mothers, women have only two roles, Mother and Whore. Hence in Taiwan "hot" = "slutty" which is generally boring. Yawn.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, though. Taichung is better for living, but I always thought Taipei had better girls. Anyway, with all that delicious food, who cares about the girls?


  2. Thanks for the insight Michael, do you reside in Taiwan atm? Love your photos.

    On the return trip, we definitely plan to hit up Taichung again- the measly three hours we spent there was disappointing. It might just be personal preference, but the girls in Taipei with anorexic legs and what you call an "infantile" look certainly don't jive with this Texas-born ABC's preference for tall blondes and spunky brunettes, much to my fiance's dismay. But the sexuality point you make is interesting because it's true, yet contradictorily there was an amazing amount of risque imagery in billboards, ads, and magazines.

  3. tomcat writes:

    OH MY WORD. Taipei has the highest ratio of GORGEOUS girls in Asia !! bAR none. YOu guys just aint been looking hard enough eh?

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