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  1. I love Pixar and am sooo jealous that you've been to Pixar HQ. ๐Ÿ™
    What's more; we have to wait until September til we get Ratatouille over here in the UK.

  2. Yeah writes:

    no matter how cheesy that speech Optimus gave is, it still makes me all fuzzy on the inside. i think terrible American propaganda is hilarious because it is so ridiculous. Awesome movie. One of my favorites. Special effects guys deserve to be serviced. Often. By Megan Fox

  3. BTW the speech Optimus gave, as bad as it was, was actually paying homage to the original Transformers movie. While I still don't like the Transformer robot designs, I'm sure there are fans out there glad to see that Michael Bay gave more fan service than half the derivative Hollywood schlock that we get these days, ruining comics, games, and toys alike. I have to give him props for that.

  4. I prefer to call it adaptation to new information as it comes out. Flip-flopping, AKA John Kerry or Mitt Romney, is what one does when he has the full story, but chooses the stance most beneficial to him at the time.

  5. Anonymous writes:

    I agree. He affords himself the ability to say "I said it in context" rather than saying "from one picture, I couldn't sum up what the movie was actually going to be like, and consiquently make an ass out of myself by declaring it ruined".

    A real man would apologise, for being rash, condesending, judgemental and precious about a toy robot that turns into a truck. A prick would wine about being 'out of context' without admitting the irony of that statement.

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