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Ah, Tilda Swinton, the androgenous beauty who is, among few, criminally ethereal. More endearingly, these were her comments at the promotional party for the Narnia game shown above (qyoted from Kotaku):

Unable to figure the game out, she gave the controller to the staff and watched them play. She asked the staff what makes a bad game, to which they replied, “A work of the developer’s egotism.” Swinton replied, “It’s the same as in the movies.”

In juxtaposition, it sure makes this comic mocking Spore smart just a bit.

In other Hollywood related news, I'm ecstatic that Crash took best film, and Brokeback Mountain did not sweep the Oscars. After all, the gay controversy is already… so yesterday, so blasé ad passé. While I haven't seen it yet, I'm sure it's about as poignant as a re-enactment in 30 seconds by bunnies. Brilliant.

Now this is great stuff.

Let's put the subject matter aside for a sec. I love this. It comforts me greatly to see that, within the confines of the last two decades of mindless, pre-ordained toy design, there are still lessons from the lincoln log gurus lurking in the heart of the kindernet. When I was a kid, I concocted brilliant, operatic episodes wherein the Ninja turtles clashed, defending my homework desk against the Transformers, climaxing with a slow-mo sweep of Donatello's plastic bo through the ranks of the scuffed and traitorous Constructicons.

The day that software like Maya, or UnrealEd, or some game editor like the Movies game, becomes as essential to learning and youth as MS Paint or as inspirational to content creativity as BASIC was to me on the Apple IIe, then the sandbox will be regained. The pliable submissiveness of Starscream and his lego hordelings seems to have found a virtual set to host their sagas.

Vestigally, the idea that it is a re-enactment of Brokeback Mountain's critically acclaimed homosexuality, er story. But to be perfectly honest, that doesn't bother me in the least. The only thing keeping me away is the fact that it's by Ang Lee. I got used to losing my favorite curse word to the PC forces adjacent to me, but, still, well… fuck that fag fool. See the restraint? I'm a halfway master of globalization already, already got the bay area down pat. The secret is knowing that without a gay friend you're still probably a homophobe, so empathy is in vain.

What we should all do is just relax and go skiing in Dubai. Dubai? Why, yes. Camels, sandstorms, terrorists, non-terrorists, and snow. That kind of shock therapy should give us some perspective, emancipate new epithets. As Master Splinter says, "I have always liked 'Cowabunga'."

Some how we grabbed back to back sci-fi ventures, yet they were polar opposers. The first was Vivaldi's Four Seasons, except by Vivaldi I mean the Wong Kar-Wai– the man who embodies the very whole of the Hong Kong genre by the virtue of how far above it he stands, and by Four Seasons I mean a place called 2046. The key to understanding this film is that 2046 is a place in the mind, figuratively and literally. It is not a time, except in the sense of being a timeless hypothesis for the time-traveling protagonist trapped in an emotional time-loop. This is the one director who has kept my hope alive for Asian non-Japanese cinema; the complex mirror of real-life, imagined life, story life, and Faye Wong's life (drool) when they reach 2047 redeems the unforgivable creative suicide Zhang Yimou took going from Hero to House of the Flying Faggots.

Am I too harsh? No. Not since I realized that Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was but serendipity held together by only the strength of an amazing cast and the aural gesticulations of Yo-Yo-Ma. It certainly wasn't cosmically overrated Ang Lee doing the heartstring-tuggin', tho he sure fancies himself the Wizard of Az. Wong Kar-Wai gives us nothing but achingly beautiful shot after shot without ever abusing scenic national parks in China. Like no other director, he takes the most impossibly colored shots and arranges them to tell us with space as well as subject what his characters desire. If you guess my favorite shot in the whole movie, I'll give you $100, well-deserved.

So, with that mouthful of cud chewed, I'll turn on impulse 9 :furious: and say if you want a good action film, Equilibrium is some serious fun. There are few things done wrong for a movie of this budget and premise, and if you can suspend a touch of snobbery at all the stolen references to Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, it'll be that good kind of cheese to go with your popcorn. Their Gun Kata martial art is actually pretty neat later on. It's a blast! (If you smiled, then you've passed the corn test, go rent it.)