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Rarely do games and art collide in interesting ways. Yet somehow, South African artist Handré has given us a vertiable car crash of early video game cover art and the fine-tuned fangs of modernist insensitivity, and the result is a morbid disaster so appealing to the post-modernist gaming socialite we can't help but enjoy the sensibility shock.

Beauty in ugliness, I think, requires a delicate balance of asymmetry, both physical and moral. At a certain point, it becomes ambiguity. With cultivation, ambiguity becomes the mysterious, and the mysterious is one of the tenets of beauty because its quality of rarity, its measure of unquantifiability, is, frankly, addicting.

Aren't games a natural medium for that? Look at Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Everquest 2. "Abhorrent" comes to mind. Just as how Final Fantasy: Advent Children is simply CGI masturbation, these games seem to take all the extremes of the "cool" construct and prostitute it under the guise of technology.