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In the first instance I can think of of a re-virtualization of a game that semi-de-virtualized a virtualized activity, it was only natural that the crazy Finns were responsible for this pop-cultural strange-loop. Suomea has given us a Virtual Air Guitar, that allows the user to rock out simply by wiggling fingers in air and strumming at nothing, all vid-capped and transmagically technologically transmorgifying the absolute crystalline essence of the wannabe spirit into actual music. Someone else's music that is, since musicianship is a fourth dimension beyond the salve of invention.

What struck me as mindboggling is if you were to consider that this Virtual Air Guitar would have been inspired by Guitar Hero, which was inspired out of pity for air guitarists making fools of themselves around the world, whose inspiration was real guitar players, you could then see how bizarre a human achievement it is. What especially lends weight to this theory is the fact that the Finns have almost made an Olympic sport out of air-guitarring, with full-blown competitions and tournaments. It's as if they've reconstituted the spectacular and familiar imitation of being a rock star, defying RedOctane's efforts to intrude a mundane world with a plastic five-buttoned effigy. Amateurism, I guess, tastes worse freeze-dried into a videogame.

The only other milestone in modern civilization that is similar to this was "pilingual" (fluent in 3.14 languages) Douglas Hofstadter's proposal to write a book filled with reviews about itself:

"I would love to see a book consisting of nothing but a collection of reviews of it that appeared (after its publication, of course) in major newspapers and magazines. It sounds paradoxical, but it could be arranged with a lot of planning and hard work. First, a group of major journals would all have to agree to run reviews of the book by the various contributors to the book. Then all the reviewers would begin writing. But they would have to mail off their various drafts to all the other reviewers very regularly so that all the reviews could evolve together, and thus eventually reach a stable state of a kind known in physics as a "Hartree-Fock self-consistent solution". Then the book could be published, after which its reviews would come out in their respective journals, as per arrangement."

If you haven't already, pick up a copy of his Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. I could say that I've gotten more from his work, his books, his projects than from the whole of the so-called Cognitive Science field in which I invested two dismal years in for my major, but a rant about the inability of men who study the mind to escape its mechanisms themselves, I fear, is ultimately unfair.

I've sent out eVites to all those I think would be able to make a housewarming party at our place Jan. 21st. If I missed anyone, and you'll be around, lemme know! We'll be decked out in costumes to hit up Guitar Hero while munching burgers. I'm thinking Gruyere-stuffed, hickory smoked, and splashed with Texas Roadhouse worcheshire sauce.

Speaking of the mighty game that is Guitar Hero, I'm nearly done with Hard mode, having just beat Bark at the Moon but still stuck on Cowboys From Hell. My arm gets brutalized halfway through that song, and my respect for the late Dimebag Darrell and the rest of Pantera bootstraps even as I sleep.

We also bought a Shun Elite santoku knife, MSRP $189.99, and the apples on our counter were literally quivering as I brought it out of its custom case and threw in the instructional mini-CD. I'll have a better review later, after I've hacked at everything in sight, but I think my cutlery addiction has been momentarily sated. It's made me a virgin samurai, as I live but three minutes from the Japanese market where the modern descendants of Edo buy their Engrished porn- "I Want Fuck You, Sister" comes to mind.

gods gift to gamers, I just discovered it. Guitar Hero for the PS2.

Xstine and I are majorly addicted, and she's not even much of a metal fan. But they did such a fuckin' awesome job of translating the feel of rockin' out to the toy guitar that comes with the game that you feel, to paraphrase Kevin Spacey, like you rule. If you've ever air-guitarred, thrown up horns/lighters, touched a real guitar, or thought it would own to be KISS for a day, you need this game.

I realized I never had anything against rhythm games. The legions of closet J-Pop divas stomping in ungainly fervor on DDR turned me way off, no doubt, especially when they get that vacant look only an ex-wallflower who has a high score to erase all the embarrassment of school dance premaculation can have. Or worse, like when I went to Dave & Busters and saw dance nerds breakdancing and sporting gang signs, yo, the same fools that back in my day did vogue and hammer. Now they were strutting and puffing up behind DDR handrails.

No, this game hits me at a primal level, striking a chord with my deepest fantasy… cross-dressed white-trash mullet-flared lead guitarist spitting crunchy power cords at a pit mob. Shiver! If this guitar controller was cheaper (and xstine not fighting me for the next turn), I'd have smashed my furniture by now, that's how hard I was rockin'.

Anyways, now I see multi-colored chords and a ROCK meter racking up mad points whenever I listen to guitars. Wish to god they had some Black album Metallica, Dismember, Dissection, and Kataclysm on this game too, but I guess that'd be a bit too hardcore for the kiddies. I have this urge to get a wig and a spiked wristband.