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I counter today's ridiculous protest by the Japanese community against Memoirs of a Geisha with this survey of 1.3 million voters, that proved that even asians have no idea how similar we look. The results of the survey? The average score was 38%, only 5% better than blind guessing.

Burkard explained that you would not cast people of African American or Hispanic heritage as Caucasians. "The perception is that we (Chinese and Japanese) look alike, and are the same, well we do not and are not the same and filmmakers should not make sweeping generalizations that are insensitive to our culture and heritage."

Quick! Name the best Japanese actress seen stateside! Only one I could think of was Tamlyn Tomita, who incidentally plays a Chinese-American in Joy-Luck Club. And her acting isn't quite a headliner act yet. Liam Neeson wasn't a jew, and I don't think Philip Seymour Hoffman is gay. Buckard might want to point out the "sweeping generalizations" being made in the movie, not by the casting director. Or how about the fact the original author isn't even Japanese. Miyagi is spinning in his American grave, mind you.

Anyways, this diatribe is now too long in the tooth. I'll apologize with the truest Penny Arcade comic I've seen yet: WoW Patch Notes 1.9

P.S. This picture is from Tokyo and unrelated to anything in this entry :rolleyes: