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The highlands, home to the purveyors of the American "pornographic" (GTA's Rockstar), clearly have more sense than us… police of Edinburgh, Scotland have halved youth crime by challenging them cops vs. brats style to an Xbox tournament. It's so effective, some youth dare not go out for fear of accidentally committing a crime and thereby being excluded from the festivities.

I can't see why it isn't crystal clear to this country that an outlet for vice is an efficient necessity, and its fair regulation healthy for the goverment's pockets as well as its citizens' well-beings. Why is marijuana still illegal in face of the obviously superior toxicity of alcohol. Why is prostitution not enforced and unionized when its overrun a.k.a. street-walking is a cesspool of danger for everyone. These aren't questions, they're exasperations.

And who has the answer? Why, the Japanese of course. They've so skillfully crafted the persistent sin that their boys are petered out, with nothing rebellious left to do but masturbate and make absolutely INSANE animations like this: Michael Jackson Vs. Zangief

Now, would a world like this be so bad? Watch it once for yea, twice for nay.