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So. This is the image that is the center of debate and riot? This is the image so horrifyingly insulting it resulted in death of young, promising Europeans and Middle-easterners worldwide?

Somehow, the arab media justified their anger, claiming that the depiction of Muhammad was tasteless (I'll give ya that) and that it is blasphemy to put his image in print. I'm not sure how the Danes, some of the quirkiest 420s in the world, would know that this:

and works like this (circa 1550 AD) were A-OK (even revered), but the former was not.

Somehow it is lost on the arab world how their own newspaper depictions of Ariel Sharon eating babies and rabbis reveling in human blood is a signal to very non-Muslim ignorant white folks that religious criticism is acceptable. The minor clause I guess the Danes missed the bulletin on was that you can't put Muhammad in print except in the circumstance that his face is veiled, nevermind the rest of the body and megaton captions for it basically translating to "THIS IS MUHAMMAD BUT HIS FACE IS COVERED SO IT REALLY ISN'T HIM SO THE KORAN SAYS GO FOR IT, CHUMS." Or in the case a muslim does it.

Globalization is inevitable, but it works both ways. Obviously we shouldn't go out of our way to insult a culture we hardly know, but hardly knowing them DOES excuse our ignorance in part. The newspapers are written for their host communities, not for Bumfuck, Nepal. It really doesn't help the cause of the victimized when, in this case, calls for every cartoon satirizing the Holocaust is made so Al Jazeera can satisfy its revenge. I've said before, revenge is a wonderful thing, but this childishness lacks such exquisite antihumanity, and has devolved into a game of telephone over who-said-what-said-that?-omfg-that-angers-me. Meanwhile, the Danes barely even know what a Qu'ran is.

One arab woman on NPR asked how Christians would feel if our media did the same with Jesus. To be honest? They wouldn't give a fuck. Did they not see Kanye West with a crown of thorns on the cover of Rolling Stones? The fecal Virgin Mary in the LA Times? No, it's not about religion. It's about freedom of speech, which they aren't used to and we aren't good at. Perhaps this should serve a reminder to muslims of the stereotypes the world possess of you. Perhaps you shouldn't reinforce that very stereotype by reacting immediately with fatal violence. Perhaps my use of the word "you" shouldn't offend personally since I'm using it in the plural neutral case, with no accusation intended.

And you silly Danes, stop feeding the troll, Mahmoud is pole-dancin' off your toite little ball hairs. Your cartoons just suck- I've seen all twelve, and they all were subliminally tokin'.