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They say a picture is worth a thousand snarks.

Looks like someone discovered you can improve on sliced bread by slicing something else. Too bad they chose styrofoam.

Completely OT, but I've been ruminatin' and I've come to the conclusion that Metal : Classical :: Rap : Jazz. The first two are anthems of intricate, controlled design that chooses emotional milestones to build you up to. So we get monumental slabs of polyrhythmic genius book-ended by that Beethoven legacy telling us to just rawk. On the other hand, the latter two must be immediate to be relevant, creative in execution, natural and organic. Even when post-processed, it is done so to sound living, be it through instrument improvisations or gang roll-calls.

Well, I'm not sure what my conclusions say, other than insinuating that metalheads have a harder time swallowing jazz than the classics and vice versa, but one thing's for sure… I've just taxonomized the musical etymology showing why white folks can't dance.