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I've sent out eVites to all those I think would be able to make a housewarming party at our place Jan. 21st. If I missed anyone, and you'll be around, lemme know! We'll be decked out in costumes to hit up Guitar Hero while munching burgers. I'm thinking Gruyere-stuffed, hickory smoked, and splashed with Texas Roadhouse worcheshire sauce.

Speaking of the mighty game that is Guitar Hero, I'm nearly done with Hard mode, having just beat Bark at the Moon but still stuck on Cowboys From Hell. My arm gets brutalized halfway through that song, and my respect for the late Dimebag Darrell and the rest of Pantera bootstraps even as I sleep.

We also bought a Shun Elite santoku knife, MSRP $189.99, and the apples on our counter were literally quivering as I brought it out of its custom case and threw in the instructional mini-CD. I'll have a better review later, after I've hacked at everything in sight, but I think my cutlery addiction has been momentarily sated. It's made me a virgin samurai, as I live but three minutes from the Japanese market where the modern descendants of Edo buy their Engrished porn- "I Want Fuck You, Sister" comes to mind.