3 comments on “The Eggsperts are wrong!

  1. Originally posted by the study:

    The debate […] was organized by Disney to promote the release of the film "Chicken Little" on DVD.


    The crux of it all is, I think

    • Creature of species A lays egg
    • Creature from egg is species B
    • Is the egg an A-egg or a B-egg?

    It can be argued both ways. Or four ways, if you also zentastically go for both-AB and none-AB.

    The winnah is transformation (evolution). At either the points of conception or mutation.

  2. Much better summed up that way, although my final conclusion is that the winnah is "Chicken Little" DVD sales. I'm just surprised they didn't conclude the chicken to segue better into the movie title :/

  3. Moje, super Artikel zu dem Thema. Im Aufbau meiner Arbeit bin ich auf der Suche nach neuem Input. Dank Personen wie ihnen komme ich meinem Ziel immer ein Stück näher und näher.

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