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  1. Appreciated, although you have to understand that while I'm not being entirely serious here, the part that is serious comes from extensive dealings with asians, here and abroad. Take it as personal experience, not fact. Mr. Zhang, while not proven guilty, nevertheless represents the corruption we've seen on large scale in China, often caught by the Chinese themselves thanks to a *slightly* reformed government under Hu Jing Tao's watch.

    As for China taking over the world, you might want to do your research before swallowing liberal pick-up lines. If the "truth" is that China will take over the world due to the greed of our companies, you've made no sense since China's ability to absorb costs is also our companies' greatest threat. You are probably thinking of sweatshops, which not only aren't forced upon the Chinese by our "greedy" companies, but are really driven by the greed of domestic consumers for cheaper imports. That's right, you and me.

    How does China finance its growth? How are U.S. companies able to "exploit" everyone else in the world? I'd start with mapping oil consumption with oil company profit- everyone one of us is to blame, if blame is what you seek.

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  2. Anonymous writes:

    Dude, you don't even know if Mr. Zhang is guilty or not. And btw there is an asian lady that is being accused as well. Don't feel so sorry for yourself for being an asian guy. From what I can tell these 'dragon ladies' perfer your kind. The truth is China is going to take over the world whether this guy is guilty or not. Why? Money! Companies are greedy here in the US and our government lets them do whatever means neccessary to fulfill that greed whether it is good for our country (and separately our country's people) or not. So basically don't blame Mr. Zhang (who may or may not be guilty) for the fact that China is going to rule the world and for the fact that you're losing your women to american guys. There are much bigger and better reasons for all of that. Smile and be nice. That's what girls like. 🙂

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  3. Anonymous writes:

    Hi am back…yes of course China is a huge threat to companies here, but is that stopping companies from getting most bang for their buck? Not really. By sending everything to be manufactured over to China, they aren't looking at the future of Americans – their consumers. So I guess the big question is who is responsible for our future/change necessary for a better future? Individual consumers ??? (No – Americans are cheap, lazy, and selfish for the most part) Companies ??? (No – they are heading us down a downward spiral where China rules) Government ???? bingo. They need to regulate our (companies and consumers) greedy butts. That's one advantage China has over us- much more control (although perhaps now unstructured and chaotic) over their companies and people. I believe they are looking at the future. They are improving everyday. You should look at their environmentally friendly plans – all of which beat any green attempts here. I'm not pro-China. Just concerned at the way things are going these days for America. Yes we are all to blame, but more so the government.

    O btw I don't see how Mr. Zhang represents the corruption in China if he's not guilty at this point. I believe he's very much American. I know you're not totally serious but this is someone's rep on the line. I've been in a lawsuit before and if you're not guilty and someone is telling you are….not fun. So that's why I'm pushing this point so much… From what I heard, there's no proof so far, so until then stay nice. Thanks for reading. This is great fun…

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