7 comments on “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

  1. Cezar writes:

    I've never used Mac and, till this year, I never met anti-Apple guys. Anyhow, I was thinking people like you (graphicians, artists) must love Apple…

  2. Mac's are pretty. But people like us don't like having stuff hidden, especially systems stuff. I like to know where every cpu cycle is going, and trying to find that out on a Mac is like teaching a cat to beg. About 80% of Mac people I've met have no idea what services are, what codecs are, what hotkeys do, or what drivers are. I'm not sure that's a good thing.

  3. WheresMyRailgun writes:

    Macs do what they're supposed to do, which is to allow people to accomplish simple daily tasks. You can surf the web, e-mail, create documents, spreadsheets, and the like, all very easily and very pretti-ly. Although it's a restrictive environment, it services its target audience well.

    Now, power users — as in users who like to dig deep into the system as opposed to 'power' as in 'power mac' — like to have more accessible control over their computer. Windows allows for just that, and *nix even moreso. And these OSes will be perfect for these users.

    I bet 100% of those 80% you're talking about don't really care what the heck a codec is. They just want to watch the video on which they clicked the link. This begs the question, "Should people be more educated about the technology they use?" Well, maybe… Afterall, one goal of technology is to make things easier. Like this blog right here, I'm glad I'm not typing in machine code.

  4. Completely agreed. My hate for Macs is equaled by my hate for troubleshooting for people who find creative ways to absolutely destroy their PCs since it allows too much access for the technically handicapped.

  5. Moje, wunderbarer Artikel zu diesem Gebiet. Im Aufbau meiner Selbstständigkeit bin ich auf der Suche nach neuen Informationen. Dank Leuten wie dir komme ich meinem Ziel immer ein Stück näher und näher.

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