4 comments on “Analysis of Song of the Sea: Salvation by Folklore

  1. Thank you for this write-up. I just finished watching SotS and was struck by its depth and nuance, much of which you’ve captured here. I have a feeling that this is a film that will be lingering in the mind for a long time and bringing with it more understanding and appreciation.

  2. you. I like you. you bring your argument with a nice flow and elaboration, that i can relate much with the movie. the movie itself is a beauty, and sure did i think about ‘Spirited Away’ for several times during the movie. You got me a new and detailed perspective, I thank you for that. keep up the good job! 😀

  3. Wow, now this is how a review should be like… well, after one’s done watching a movie anyway. That is some very heavy analysis, and I’m glad Song of the Sea is getting at least recognized. It’s always about Disney and Dreamworks, when so many people fail to realize there are other great animated movies out there that has nothing to do with those companies. I watched The Secret of Kells also, though that one took me a second watch to truly appreciate the masterpiece it really is. I’m glad my interest in Song of the Sea introduced me to that movie as well.

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