4 comments on “Diablo makes work for idle hands

  1. TJ writes:

    This is a question I've been asking myself increasingly often lately. I play alot of games in my free time, but where am I going with my lv 70 shaman and paladin?

    What we need, in my opinion, is balance. It's okay to play games, just like it's okay to go to the movies, or to just ride my bike all day just to end up back home in the evening. It's our pastime. We do it to relax. But we need balance. Like in my case, I can't play games all day every day off that I have… I hop on the ride and go out. I go watch a movie. I run. I think I still play games like 80% of my free time, but I feel like I have enough progression in other areas of my life (Lt select :)) so I don't necessarily feel like I'm wasting my life away.

    I dunno man. I think you need to ask this question to someone who's made movies… it's easy to be like "wow, am I really devoting my life to making up fantasy for other people to watch?" But we both know that movies and games add great value to our lives besides just simple pastime entertainment.

    Personally, I think you're doing just fine. Maybe you just need to diversify your recreational activities. Buy a Honda VT750, let's go riding. 🙂


  2. It's hard to diversify, I'm just exhausted from work all the time. But yeah, progression in other areas in life is a good way to justify time wasted, and sometimes that time isn't wasted if it couldn't have been spent anyways.

  3. my problem is this: everytime I get a new game that I like, i HAVE to finish it as soon as I can. So I play a lot.

    my solution I'm trying to keep is: not getting games, unless I know I can deal with it "quick"

    that's why I will NEVER try Wow, fo example :rolleyes:


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