21 comments on “Each Metacritic point is worth 7.7 more sales per day!

  1. Tesh writes:

    I'm late to this, and I came via a link from here that also points to the PS2 data that you link to:


    This is some interesting data, thanks for sharing it! I've been blogging about MMOs, and I wonder what the data distribution would look like there. I suspect that the subscription model lends a heavy inertia factor to the numbers, and skews data. Even so, I do wish that more devs would take smart design seriously. Marketing can only shovel so much garbage, and as the industry relies more on marketing, it loses its effectiveness. (Since garbage gussied up for the sake of sales erodes public trust in marketing and reviews.)

    Oh, and congrats on the wedding! Those pictures are a great little slice of a happy life; thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. Anonymous writes:

    I just googled this site because it was shown in an episode of Gametrailer's Bonus Round. If you want to see if youf 0.2x correlation is significant there are a number of tests you can run. Generally, it also depends on the type of correlation you used (chi^2?).

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