12 comments on “hugging the ‘tar baby

  1. TJ writes:

    You know… I'm entertaining the thought of going to Law school now so this kind of BS can stop. When I mentioned that I've been entertaining the thought of going to law school since before I graduated from UCLA, he got all gung ho and told me he'd pay my way. I even mentioned the part of wanting to take office, and he was excited for me.

    I hope if I ever do take office, I don't get caught up in the political bullshit. It's "United We Stand" for me, and someone slap the shit out of my mouth if I ever start taking part in divisive politics….


  2. Unfortunately, perception is what matters most to the uneducated masses. The best way to fight political bullshit is to instill the spirit of skeptical intelligence into the mobs.

    I'm all for you going to law school. Though occasionally morally bankrupt, lawyers, for the most part, actually know how to think with that grey mushy toy sitting in our skull.

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