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Air stocks plummeted for us and our British brethren over the news of an intercepted terrorist game of cowboys and indians. Heathrow was in chaos as travelers were forced to remove all liquid carry-ons, since the terrorists had planned to use their iPods to detonate British Gatorade. Had these quasimuslim MacGuyvers succeeded, they would have eventually been able to blow-up eleven planes over the Atlantic.

So now what? With their plans foiled, I fear the worst, and that is that the Al Qaida's obsession with airlines will slowly divert into other vulnerable areas of our society. Perhaps they'll bomb our energy grid, our utilities infrastructure, our tech companies, our landmarks, or even Allah forbid visit their Armageddon upon my precious Netflix just as I'm about to rent some blasphemous film of the American degenerate… or some erogenous anime.

Actually, the film I am desperately waiting to see is Iñárritu's next epic tri-plot, Babel. This trailer fluidly sums up for me the very real dangers in believing in the universality in this technological Babel we've built. How he ties the threads together will probably mirror the consequences of love in Amores Perros, and the consequences of regret in 21 Grams. Babel looks to be about the consequences of technological vainity, and I say it's about time.