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We just finished Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica… oh my god this show is good. I keep calling it a Republican version of West Wing in space…. but it's just so much more intense and you'd imagine, somewhere near ER and The Shield. I've also deduced who the final Cyclon…

…and it sure ain't Hillary. I think we can safely expect her to announce withdrawal tonite. And it's about fucking time. I've complained enough about how unscrupulous of a human being she is, let's forget that for now. Let's just focus on the fact that after the Bush administration, there shouldn't even be talk of a race between Republicans and Democrats. It was in the bag. Her actions in the last few months were the single most harmful thing to the DNC's future, far better than what the opposition could cook up. If you haven't seen the brilliant SNL mock ad, watch it now, it's viciously succinct in its summary of follies.

Anyways, back to BSG, the last Cyclon must be Dualla. Here's my evidence:

  1. Dualla's first name is Anastasia, which means "resurrection."
  2. Leoben tells Roslin early on in the show that one of the Adamas is a Cyclon. Dualla, having married Lee, is now an Adama. Anastasia Adama to be exact.
  3. Each of the final four Cyclon were paired with an important human element. Lee Adama, who's last name means "man" and "earth," is no exception. We can expect the last Cyclon to be part of a pair.
  4. Dualla is a Sagittaron. Lee's callsign is Apollo. On Caprica, Starbuck seeks the "Arrow of Apollo" as the way to Earth, and that arrow was placed in Sagittaron's bow to open the Tomb of Athena. This implies the two of them are destined for something related to Earth.
  5. D'Anna recognizes the final cyclon on the Algae Planet. Dualla is the one that gives D'Anna the tour on Galactica.

So what does this mean? Well, my theory is that Starbuck, who represents the self-destructiveness of man, leads them to Earth only to find that it's a conflict ground for humans and Cyclons. For millenia, this cycle of humans versus machines has been happening, hence the hybrid's warning that "it has happened, and will happen again." Starbuck, being the ultimate Cyclon killer, is not only keeping human and Cyclon apart militarily, but her love triangle with Lee keeps Lee (human) and Dualla (Cyclon) apart metaphorically as well.

This means that at some point Lee will have to choose between Dualla and Starbuck, essentially choosing between the unification of man and Cyclon, and perpetuating the cycle of war. I'm still trying to figure out what role Hera will play in all of this, but that's what is so compelling about this show… it keeps you guessing even when so much evidence has already been in plain sight for you to dwell on.

The Wachowski brothers are back to their usual pop subversions, borrowing a pulp aesthetic and making it Oscar-ready for the cultural exiles of the Academy. Speed Racer is on its way, rawr. I'm not sure why overly hyper-kinetic movies have always been deemed "videogame-like." Am I so desensitized that I don't find the majority of video games all that fast? Or are they really just not that fast, except the few outliers that the non-gaming populace get exposed to regularly? I imagine if their knowledge of what the "videogame aesthetic" is comes from arcades at movie theaters, then the latter is probably true.

But I don't think it's just us gamers. Look at investors, playing their silly game with the Fed. After two weeks of anticipating a 0.5% rate cut, which was a number pulled out of the ass of the rumor monster, the market got 25 points. And boy did they whine and cry, as if any of the trouble right now has the slightest malleability by the Fed. But it's all a game to them, you see, and it's called Guess The Fed. The market itself is apparently too uneventful as is, they need to keep the market fluctuating to feel like their treading and afloat.

It's a great end to an insanely busy week. Tonight's our holiday party, tomorrow is Xstine's, and on Sunday, Dan has to buy me dinner for betting me Mass Effect would be a bomb. I bet a million sales in a month, and boy did it deliver.

The game is awesome in the way watching an episode of Battlestar Galactica, or Star Trek. It's an unabashed sci-fi space opera with great acting, a great cast, and "cinematic feeling" hard to quantify, but wanting in any other game out there. It captures my long-standing belief that sci-fi differs from fantasy not from being about the future, aliens, high-tech weapons, or any such trappings, but by being about defining how something works, and making that integral to the story. And I haven't even mentioned the graphics, which again show the UT3 engine off, and have beautiful art design pulling in the practical futurism of Syd Mead into a real 3D environment. There are levels that look like real-time concept art… I haven't seen anything like this since Metroid Prime.

This is what makes Star Trek science-fiction, but Star Wars fantasy. Sci-fi strives to explain why things work the way they do, and those explanations have consequences on the choices the characters have to make. Fantasy, on the other hand, assumes a world works a certain way, and expects us to accept it, and often that means that the quick answer to the why is "magic." This is how a game like Final Fantasy can be considered fantasy, and not sci-fi, even though there are guns, robots, and high-tech sets. A fantasy you swallow, but science-fiction you dissect.