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I was shocked this week when, just days before my kid sister's graduation from UC Santa Cruz, I got a call from my mom. Our wedding photographer Peter, close friend and co-worker to my dad, had lost his wife. She was healthy and lively just a few months ago, even helping Peter take some pictures when he had clearly fatigued himself trying to capture every angle of our wedding. A month ago, she discovered she needed a liver transplant. In one week, she went from sick to terminal, a case of genetic acute hepatitis that has a incredibly fast onset, period of jaundice, nausea, liver failure, and ultimately high fatality.

So as we sat in a hallowed outdoor auditorium listening to graduating students and their professors meander on the meaning of life in the best tradition of the liberal institution, and meanwhile in LA at the very same time, Peter was at his wife's funeral. I could not help shaking off the feeling that from marriage to wedding to graduation to death to funeral, here before us was a strange, Gordian knot of happenstance. Appreciate it all as you can.

It's almost convenient that as Christina enters the work force with her newly minted art degree, another one exits. Life is convenient like that I guess, however inconvenient it is for us who live in it.

Requiescat in Pace… <to be continued>