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As a stalwart skeptic of over-politicization, I feel it's my duty to point out the ridiculousness of the Dubai World ports deal. If you expect me to condemn it, then you probably should to skip this.

A less incendiary paraphasing would be that it's my duty to point out the ridiculousness of the Dubai World ports deal situtation, and public/congressional reaction. My suspicions woke when, admist the extreme denounciation of the Patriot Act, which in itself was partially unwarranted given the recent Guantanamo Bay documents release was (even by their admission) not quite the smoking gun liberals were begging for, folks took a nonsensically extreme counterposition. Their credo? Dubai World, owning one of the some ten ports of one of our trade portals, would be opening the floodgates to terrorism.

Who's perpetuating fear now? I have no idea why this unfounded idea flies so well in the face of the truth for the public. How does this negate the fact that port security has nothing to do with the port owner, and is entirely a government province? How does this negate the fact that port security is/has/will be run by Americans, who if anything will only increase vigilance after this issue? Or the fact that port security is multi-layered and technologically advanced enough to put the airlines transit system infrastructure others to shame?

No, actually I do have an idea how this moronism got this far. When protectionist assholes reap in fat "perks" from domestic corporations unwilling to cede control to foreign entities, you could say they get a nicely scratched back. Under the scandal of the current administration lies a far more insiduous scandal of corruption and bipartisan commoditization of the "politician" unit. Senators and reps are bartered like chips, trained like dogs, tricked and treated like children in costumes hiding the actual party affiliation of Self-Indulgent Greed from the masses. Abramoff got caught, but rest assured his demonization is an attempt to draw attention from the nexts-in-line. Keep the public feeling like something is being done, while K-street continues to reassess new strategies for staying in secret pockets.

And it continues to work so very very well.