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So in addition to the classes I teach, I am now also taking over for the previous audio/video lab technician. My first duty was to troubleshoot some Mac networking. My first impressions are that OSX has an exceptional GUI and when IHATEMACHATEMAC DETEST HATE MACMACHATEDETEST STUPIDMAC even with mutiple users. Of course, if you use their version of explorer, Finder, you can IHATEMACHATEMACDETEST HATEMACMACHATE DETEST STUPIDMACIHATE MACHATEMAC DETESTHATEMACMACHATE DETEST STUPIDMAC pretty common. All in all, I feel that IHATE MACHATEMACDETEST HATEMACMACHATE DETESTSTUPIDMAC and isn't so bad once you get used to it. I hate macs.

Yeah yeah, I'll get over it. Just can't stand not having complete and immediate access to everything. Some Apple nerd is going to try to set me straight, but I won't budge. I've seen you guys in line at the iPod releases. "Bleek" and "autocorrosive" were the first two words that popped into mind.