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Was incredibly sick yesterday, no thanks to Xstine's skillful micromanagement of multiple viruses for the past two weeks. I finally succumbed the other night, but thanks to my secret recipe of pickles, zinc, OJ, and sleep, I was atleast well enough to drive to work today, albeit dizzily.

In the few conscious moments I had, I managed to add a Godfather town tune in my Animal Crossing: Wild World, and surf the web some. Lately, and it must be cause of a mass hysteric premonition of April Fools or something, but I've seen some seriously funny stuff in game news.

Take this post-mortem on one of my favorite game spoofs, Accordion Hero. I was going to post about this before the whole coughing-up-a-lung incident, but then went ahead and 1-upped their Guitar Hero spoof with this harlarious what-went-right and what-went-wrong. Crazy Germans. We hit up a local Hofbrau last week, and nothing like a massive turkey leg with mashed potatoes and au jus soaked stuffing to engender the forgiveness that our incessant Nazi-filled FPSs have not shown.

Also funny was a Gamasutra article by an anonymous customer service rep, which I can't summarize better than this choice quote:

"You already know shit rolls downhill. In casual games, customer support is at the bottom of that hill. Actually, it’s in a valley, nestled between the company and the consumer. When anyone on either side makes a mistake, it rolls down the hill, and the support team deals with it. When marketing forgets to note an expiration date, it’s your problem. When a customer accidentally orders a game six times, it’s your problem. When QA misses a level design error that makes it impossible to beat the game, it’s your problem. When a functionally illiterate seventy-eight year old doesn’t understand the difference between the right and left mouse buttons, it’s your problem."

Finally, my crafty Texans hooked up this Roomba to run off laptop directions, dressed up it as good ol' Frogger, and tried to get it to cross a busy street. The result, after annihilation by an SUV, was the Fucked-up Frog of Calaveras County. Requiescat in pace, heed not my phlegm-plagued belly-laughs. Sproing!