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I want to warn people who have otherwise the best of intentions. This week's supreme court ruling, while absolutely the right decision, underscores a disturbing logic deep in the ranks of knee-jerk environmentalists.

Let's throw out all you know and hate about this administration for a second. To place the lion's share of blame for global warming on their ~6 years of reign over the subject, taking into consideration the two centuries of damage from industrial overrevolution, and the relative youth of climate studies (read: last 30 years), it's hardly fair to make it seem like Bush is singlehandedly destroying the environment.

One must not forget that the abundance of modern energy, material, and functional conveniences, allows us the luxurious living standard where we can affluently worry about global warming. One must not believe the US has done nothing, or that our disproportionate contribution of greenhouse gases has nothing to do with our disproportionate contribution to global productivity. One must not naively ignore to what heathen unregulated countries that companies will move their pollution to when we crack down too fast and too hard.

I am not afraid to admit that I protest the Kyoto protocols alongside our behated preside-dent. It asks nothing of economies like China and India, who are on the fast track to out-polluting us. The gullible say that we only need to show leadership and dominoes will fall green. They assume we've shown no leadership, and that countries rising with econo-lust will care.

I recall the fine quotation from the movie Spiderman 2 about choosing between what is right, and what is easy. Polluting used to be easy. Right now, raking in money for a hyped-up cause isn't too hard either. Given the past paranoia over the destruction of the earth by nuclear bombs, overfilling landfills, and other urban myths not remotely true, I think we should hear out Mother Earth on the subject. After all, we are but a minute of her day.