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It seems to me that every single forum barters conversation in a fairly quantifiable Moiré pattern of civility and idiocy. Invariably, it distills to this:

Person A: "This topic is great, I've been wondering on it deeply and would like others to partake."

Person B: "Fuck you."

Person A: "I was being perfectly honest, please contribute to this conversation. And fuck you too."

Person C: "Fuck your mother. Read my hilarious sig that I stole from someone wittier."

Person D: "Ignore the troll, instead I'd like you to listen to my quasi-experienced opinion as I try to correct the forum's average etiquette level. Please don't let these people turn you off to my intellectual response."

Person E: "I'm imprtant! I've even got a quip and a non-sequiter hear to demonstrate my imprtance. LoL."

Person A: "Thank you kind sir, but I'm going to play the fool and continue to badger, as it emulates a higher intellectual level than I actually operate at. I also want to spite the guy who told me to fuck my mother."

Person B: "I never told you to fuck your mother, read my post carefully. Ok, I'll be fucking honest- here's some ad hominems to introduce my counterpoint that your dumbass didn't think of. Next time use google."

Person F: "Here's a joke! It's makes no sense because I'm drunk ahahahahahaha…"

Person A: "Bump. Why is my thread not at the top of the list."

Person G(A): "Bump. This other login makes it look like other people want to hear about it too."

Person H: "Here's my angry rant about why people argue on the internet, completely missing the irony of my own role in its perpetuation, as well as the silliness of this post coming in a month after the last. And you should all learn to spell."

Person E: "Shut up. If you're so smart, why don't you invent your own internet. You leanr to spell, asshole."

Person Z: "In-depth and essentially correct and comprehensive answer."

The End.