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Ok so the title refers to the Marines, but it felt strangely appropriate because today we got the first two discs of concentrated, granulated, unprocessed intensity we call The Shield: Season Four. So far, Glenn Close has been awesome. Not the badass I was expecting, instead a more nuanced streetwise captain as opposed to the politically tainted Aceveda.

If you don't know what I'm talking about and a touch of blood doesn't turn you off, and you want something as addicting as Naruto, you need to see The Shield. It's got more "oh shit how the fuck are they getting out of this" moments than any TV series I've seen.

The only thing that made this day better was the news that Jon Stewart will be hosting the Oscars. And incidentally Billy Crystal was double-dipped into the formic acids of ex-comedian hell somewhere between the fifth infernal circle and the distance I throw my remote everytime I see the unfunny fuck. Life is good.