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Yes. The move is complete. As we moved about 600lbs of trash out of our apartment, the O A K did its worst, hitting us with a veritable storm, and a congenial retard at the Safeway steam cleaner rental counter who had trouble spelling his own name, obnoxious pre-New Year's drunks, and a couple outstandingly worthless Korean assholes who stood in the way of our move without budging or speaking English as we struggled to move 40lbs of Khetti and Shiva past them and their smoke rings aimed at our face point-blank.

We hydroplaned too. It didn't stop us. When we finally swung north on the 280, the rain parted into a feeble sprinkle, and we tasted sweet sweet victorious home. The Raiders have been sucking anyways, they're too old. All of Oakland is too old.

Hearkening back to Y2K, which I'm still astonished at how many people thought it was a technoclysm in waiting, there is a new virus out more serious than ever in its sheer contagiousness. Simply put, if you use Internet Explorer, Google Desktop, or something else similar, you're fucked. It can be passed in even an image or header. Fixing it temporarily is simple:

1. Goto Start > Run
2. Type "regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll" to disable *.wmf files.
3. Wait for patch to be released.
4. Type "regsvr32 shimgvw.dll" to re-enable.

Disabling may ruin some thumbnail views, but for now, if you view a thumbnail of your cache and it has the virus, prepare to open up your computer like a Millenium whore at a bachelor's party.