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Opera in da House

Opera 9.5 - beautifully engineered

Opera 9.5 is out! Get it here!

I've got to say, after spending time with the beta, there were some bugs, but the performance was out of this world, especially comparing Google Maps in Opera and IE, they made huge gains to browsing pleasure.

I can't believe I spent almost the entirety of my Sunday evening learning CSS through painful de-engineering of this blog's source code to try to get back the look I had before the latest MyOpera changes took away the template I was using. It's not done, but now i'm committed to getting this page better looking and less "stock" than before. I'd be proud of myself if it weren't for the fact I'd be embarrased to brag about it to anyone in person.

Hurray! After living in Opera day in and day out, I've finally got a chance to wax poetic about Opera not just to to every living thing around me, but across the evil empire of unwashed masses. From now on, as part of the the Opera secret police, I will be able to feed you the latest regarding Opera and Nintendo. I hope to invent doublespeak next, and declare war on Oceania.

So folks, what is Opera, the most revolutionary browser, going to do with Nintendo, the most revolutionary game company? Well, how about the soon-to-be-officially-announced Opera Wii.

Opera Wii.

It will load nigh-instantly, and one can only imagine the synergy that is Opera mouse-gestures vis-à-vis the incredible Wii controller. Could it form the UI for the Wii network? Or even for the whole system? Not impossible.

I am currently extracting more information from my hapless leaks, but I hope this gets your imagination roiling. Official statement. With the Wii's 24/7 constant connection that promises to bring new content in daily, we aren't playing Animal Crossing anymore, we're living it. Meanwhile, read more here.

Tom "Big Brother" Nook.

What's that? Wait… is it true… yes! OPERA! On the DS! The gateway drug now has a pusher, and what a fine wifi pusher it is!

To commemorate this wonderful day, I've got two great clips for DS fans as well as DS newbies:

Football meets Japanese self-throttling insanity

Phoenix Wright Spoof (this is actually very close to what this game plays like, fyi)

This week Christine got me re-addicted to Tower Defense, which surprisingly exists almost exclusively as mods for Blizzard games. If only the terribly addicting genre was transcribed to my favorite portable, then the world would be complete. Heck, they should pack the game with an IV drip of your favorite anti-depressants, into which I would mainline the tasty new Mountain Dew MDX energy drink, thereby offering my serotonin levels permanent residency in Valhalla.