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Well I've had my DS for a while now, and I've got to say I'm not sorry I sold off the XBox. I think UC2, KOTOR, Psychonauts, Jade Empire, Norrath, and X-Men Legends 2 were all I really needed to play, and even then much of these were redundant. 'Cept Psychonauts, which was brillianza.

So I think it's time to do a quick DS review.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Just finished last night, it really took me back to old school text adventure days. Engaging story, interesting characters, and some real laugh-out-loud moments makes this a must have. The forensic stuff on the fifth mission was hilarious… I was on the BART blowing fingerprint dust off my DS and yelling OBJECTION! into the mic, netting me stares aplenty. It even jerked a tear out of Xstine.
9 outta 10 Clarence Darrow unibrows.

Kirby's Canvas Curse
Fun, but not mandatory. However, every so often I bust this one out just to get the glee of drawing magic rainbows for Kirby to slide around on. As an outsider, you'd think it's pretty flamboyant for me to play. As an insider, you'd understand this is what's going on in my mind.
7 outta 10 Lucky Charms

This is supposed to be the DS' answer to Lumines on the PSP. I can't say it's better or worse, just different, the way PCP is a patently different high than morphine. Yeah. You scrub tiles and when they form the lovable trio every puzzle game on earth courts… BAM! The whole thing lifts off! Very fun, but I need someone to destroy badly.
7 outta 10 Siberian craters

Metroid Prime Pinball
Holy fuckin' funballs, Batman, I think I'm in love. I love handheld pinball, but this has been the most thematically replete one yet. Killer soundtrack, great minigames, tough bosses, and perfect physics. Even though it uses the stylus/touch screen the least, the dual screens really help since pinball is all about verticality. Addicted.
9.5 outta 10 Angry Chewbaccas

Overall, I'm loving the system, although it's screens really have poor visibility from an angle. It's been a while since I've fought myself over which title to get next, but I've been doing it at every buy.

Done with class! Yah be blessed, albeit agnostically, as winter break has come. I'm very proud of the students' work, and I think there's alot of promise for the next year. Many of these folks started in August having never touched Maya, never pushed a pixel, never met a Polly. One student even got an internship at Pixar just today. With their feedback, I'll be able to improve the class considerably next time around.

So anyways, time for me to unwind and smack up a little Metroid Prime Pinball as I wait for Xstine to finish overtime. She's assembling a tide of scantily clad (but emminently approachable and servile) digital females that will forever emasculate the throbbing landscape of adolescent cellphone giggolos in China. I'd pray for their young souls, but I think her company would prefer royalties. So would Xstine. And so would my pinball. Ding!