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I am going to interrupt the photo albums and mention the new Tomb Raider game, on which Dan worked so hard he can never stay awake for a gaming night. I had a chance to play it, and is worth checking out if you like the genre. If you like Tomb Raider, I think you'll appreciate a more refined, dare I say more mature experience.

If you don't like Tomb Raider, like me, you'll still have fun. I had many quibbles with the game, all of which game reviewers will repeat for me ad infinitum, but in the end, what really matters to me? What matters is that however short people complain it is, I, a staunch platformer thumbsman and lukewarm Angelina Jolie fan, found those few hours pretty dang fun. Xstine, being a Tomb Raider nut and redhot Angelina Jolie fawn is going to love this game.

What really matters is that it endears me seeing a franchise that was once essentially whored into ignominy given another chance at being the charmingly old-school spelunkfest it once was. Indy with boobs but not making a fool of herself, sultry Rachel Weissish voice, and a dose of drama. The way the industry is going now, what the hell is more laudable?

Props to Dan and Crystal Dynamics for their hard work and scruples. Most of all those nifty scruples.