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So I had my first two days of sit down time with the Nintendo Wii. I stopped by Dan's place Friday nite, and he brought it over to Xstine's little birthday party the nite after.

The verdict?

I'd be kicking myself for not buying one if I wasn't so goddamn sore.

The thing was seriously fun, although I've wrecked eight different muscle groups trying to throw 94mph fastballs and hitting rabbits in the face with a plunger gun. The Wiimote was alot smaller and lighter than I expected, but once you were trying to hit a homer, you forgot about stuff like that. Golf was addicting, boxing was a workout, and somehow only a girl was able to throw the bowling ball straight. Proof that spin comes from the left… brain.

I woke up in the morning paralyzed from the neck down. Yeah, we got THAT into the stupid minigames it had. We spent a good amount of time playing the Rayman Raving Rabbids game, trying to pump a mine car into a roadblock so that it's bunny passenger in the Superman suit would eat a pail-full of dirt 150 yards away. The only weakness with the system is that while we were laughing our lungs dry the whole time, it's probably not as exciting solitaire. For that, I can only wait for Metroid…