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The gamer in you knows these guys speak the truth.

The gamer in me knows that the aptly named Total Overdose is shamefully fun. If Max Payne were Razor Ramone, and killing was like tricking in Tony Hawk, you'd have this wonderful margarita mix where Once Upon A Time In Mexico tells GTA how to do combat right. Sure, it doesn't have the depth or polish of San Andreas, but man does it get the killin' right, right down to the SMG packin' mandolin cases "slyly" named El Mariachi.

After the whole Hot Coffee incident, where once again we fell to brandishing our double-edged sword of sex over violence, it's great to play a game that won't *actually* be sued since none of these putas actually get shagged in-game. Good-ole'-fashioned sawed-off braining while cartwheeling off the grimy walls of la joyeria. And shame on those doped-up mexican dope-dealing cannon fodder for dealing dope in virtual Mexico. It's a good thing we have upstanding virtual mexican protagonists in there for contrast. The only thing this game needs is Gary Coleman.