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Longhorns. Usurped. Trojans. Though Cal lost it's title as the Trojan Achilles' Heel, the Longhorns did me proud. It was a masterful 41 – 38, with Texas losing an early lead only to pull out all stops at 00:19 to punish our silly southern warriors for attempting to take one more yard at 00:53 and regain first down. One yard, "less than" Scotty says, versus a kick with a delay and a push back. I can see how it was a hard decision, but the greatest Rosebowl team of all time took unjustified offense, and my favorite city of my favorite state exhibited their rawk.

By the time Scotty came back to our apartment, we had a little surprise for him up on the wall. His only consolation was the delicious ice cream sandwiches we bought. But we didn't give him any. You see, a parade un-rained upon is a charade ungained from. Let me check… oh he's still down… I'll be back later, got more kickin' to do…

This link for Bruins too.