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yes I know, since episode 136, we've been plagued by worthless filler. But just rewind time and sip some wine, watch them all over again! Hah! Caught myself, I'm too uncultured for wine. I'm a recent convert to gin, and it's put the tentacles back into anime for me.

Here's some wild recipes I concocted:

Anti-gin Tonic (you love that name)
1oz Bombay Sapphire
3/4 can of Venom energy drink
lots of dasani ice

Lightness of sapphire with the menthol kick of pineapplely Venom, this one owns me like the Ice Climber grabsmash, but tempered with the sensation of trailing snowflake particulate on my merry trajectory towards giving Gaara a maudlin thumbs up as he breaks Bruce Lee's legs, literally.

The English Cow
2oz Tanq or Beefeaters (or a good oily gin, I'm guessing Tanq Ten could be nice but I'm poor)
3oz Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer
lots of dasani ice

The antithesis to Anti-gin, this ugly bitch kicks as hard as a Moscow Mule but taste much better, this makes sound five sound divine with its "mi fa so" combo of stomach churn.

and just for fun,

Red Chakura
2 shots Southern Comfort
1 shot Grenadine
1 shot Torani Peach syrup

Mix and pour into a wide highball impregnated with thick ice cubes, then pour in tonic water til the glass is filled. Taste like Sakura's hair, but with a touch of ageless nine-tailed demon seething with rage at poor American dubbing efforts.

If taking shots is your tune, then perhaps you should hit it each time:

-Someone turns into a log.
-Naruto misses Rasengan.
-Perverted Hermit pimps up local nin-bitches.
-On every flashback.

Pizza's burning, anti-jap rant will have to wait another day…