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Taxonomy. Isn't that when you mix taxes with astronomy? Because that sure seems to be how complicated it can get. For folks like me who are still unfamiliar with 90% of the tax code, it's more astrology than astronomy.

And then there are people who know it inside and out, or think they do. I have to share this article about the twenty most ludicrous tax deductions. For example:

4 – Fake Boobs – YES
This one is infamous. A stripper going by the name of CHESTY LOVE used her hard-earned savings to boost the size of her boobs, to the eye-popping size of 56-FF (do they even make bras in that size?) She figured it would get her more tips. And the write-off was allowed, being considered a stage prop essential to her act. Ha!

I'm trying to treat my taxes like a video game. It's a virtual conveyor belt of hazards, like Donkey Kong's skeletal skyscraper of death, so cleverly rendered on glass at UC Santa Cruz. Oh how I wish it were more like the visceral goodness that was God of War 2. With every W-2 there would be pools of blood and eviscerated public officials, and I upon struggling with heaps of 1099-DIVs and 1099-INTs, I would burst into Rage of the Titans and annihilate my financial details, my sharpened Gainskeeper in hand.

Alas, taxes remain mundane. That's one video game idea I hope never comes to fruition… navigating THE MAZE OF TAX ARCANE 2: UNCLE SAM'S REVENGE!!!

Yes, I love tax week.