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There was a time I greatly respected Silicon Knights. Once upon a time they were a brave developer putting out the likes of the nuanced surival horror game Eternal Darkness, and the honest remake Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. And of course they made video game vampires cool with Blood Omen.

Then they drifted aimlessly on the aptly named title Too Human, unable to finish, only to blame the game engine the way a shitty gamer blames his controller. Silicon Knights is now suing Epic for lack of 360 support on Too Human. But get this, the part that really makes me laugh is that they are claiming Epic sabotaged their support to put their resources into Gears of War.


First, if the lawsuit is successful, a huge precedent will be set that will essentially damn future engine developers for things not within their control. The specific issue was that Epic hadn't gotten UT3 ready for the 360, which was because they got their own dev stuff late. So poor customer service due to the realities of console development is now sue-able. Well christ, let's start suing Microsoft and Sony for making things too next-gen, I mean it's breakin' our balls right?

Second… sabotage? Oh I see, because Epic has absolutely nothing to gain if Too Human had been released with amazing UT3 driven graphics. Or I know, Too Human having twice the development time as Gears of War means it's twice as important, right? This is going to be the most difficult thing to prove in court, as there is a fine line between an Epic Games sabotage, and just imcompetent support.

In the end, there's just a couple words that throw water onto Silicon Knights' disguise, melting the witches into the pool of bullshit from which they spawned. Bioshock. Stranglehold. Huxley. Mass Effect. Rainbow Six: Vegas. Fury. None are Epic games. According to Silicon Knights, they all want to sue Epic too, but so far they've been pretty mum. Guess all that praise from the press makes it hard to file frivolous lawsuits.

Let me summarize with just four words what the jury is going to say: shut the fuck up.

Hurray! I realized today I've hit my fashionable 101st post for this blog, something I didn't think I'd have persistence to do when I first started. To date, there has been some 25300+ visits, but the few hundred who visit these days rarely leave comments. Leave some comments! I love being told to stop making up bullshit, don't be shy you voyeurs out there.

I figure a good way to celebrate is to link to this new HD trailer for UT2k7, which I am waiting for with drool deluging my digits as I type. The music, the explosions, the utter shameless teenage action it's replete with so saturated in the series' trademark gaudy technicolor arenas, it's all enough to make a grown boy cry. Xstine and I were total AS-Convoy whores, having played enough assault to navigate the game blind. UT2k7 is to FPS's what Children of Bodom and Kataklysm are to metal, so you snobs can fuck off, and you newbs can stick with Halo. Seriously, if you're going to turn a tech demo into a game, do it right (ahem… DEAD RISING… cough). Although I got to admit, shoving a showerhead into a zombie to get it to rain blood was pretty darn funny.

Besides this trailer, news from the Leipzig Games Conference in Germany also brought word of Battalion Wars 2 for the Wii… with multiplayer/co-op online! Basically, we're talking online Advance Wars. Utterly sick.